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Choosing a Pet

Some things you should think about:- 

You will need a pet lease from your landlord if you are renting giving permission to keep an animal.

Find out everything you need to know before you commit yourself to 14 years or more of caring for a pet.

Whether you chose a dog or a cat will depend on you life style and how your pet will fit into it eg do you have good fencing.


Micro chippng of all cats and dogs has been compulsory since 1st July 2018.


Puppies & kittens may take 2 years to grow up but are able to reproduce as young as 4 months old. Young dogs & cats bringing up babies are using energy they need to grow big & strong. De-sexing is now compulsory for all cats and dogs born after the 1st July 2018.

Ask your vet about de-sexing & the cost.


All animals need vaccinating once a year. This also gives your vet a chance to check your pets health. It is cheaper to vaccinate your pet once a year than nurse them through a fatal illness.

Research which vaccinations your pet will need & the cost involved.


Cats & dogs need worming every 12 weeks. Not worming regularly will result in a skinny animal with a poor coat.

Ask your vet about suitable worming tablets & how much they cost.


Regular treatment for fleas is essential. Fleas bite your pet & can cause anaemia. Fleas can give your pet Tape Worm. No one wants to cuddle a flea ridden animal. Flea treatments are easy to apply to the back of the neck.

Ask your vet how much flea treatments cost.


Grooming is essential to your pets health. How much grooming your pet needs will depend on whether the animal is longhaired or short haired.

Research which grooming tools you will need for your pet & how much they cost.


Whether you choose a pet with longhair or shorthair will depend on whether you are prepared to cope with the work & expense of owning a longhaired animal. Puppies & kittens do not have their full adult coats. A fluffy puppy who looks cute will grow into an expensive pet.


Builds strong muscles, improves health, creates feel good endorphins in the animals brain, helps creates a contented animal & stops the animal becoming bored.

Find out how much exercise your pet will need.


Dogs are pack animals & need you to be pack leader. Doing obedience classes with your dog will help you interact with your dog. Dogs love to learn. Dogs love the praise that comes with getting it right.

Find out about local obedience classes.


All animals are different and have different dietary needs. A good diet might not be the cheapest one but will give you a healthy pet.

Ask your vet about the best diet for your pet.

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